We’re Doing It a Bit Differently Here

  • Guidance - We assess where you’re at, plan for where you need to be, and get you moving forward. Immediately.
  • Responsiveness - We provide on-demand classes, Q&As, and office hours based on topics you need help with.
  • Curation - We share archived workshops, discussions, and resources – organized for when you need them.
  • Community - We encourage ongoing group communication for ideas, feedback, and other support.
  • Commitment - We’re dedicated to getting you the specific answers you need, as you need them.

This is not just another webinar to quietly watch...


Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Campaign

    • Get clarity on realistic expectations and outcomes.
    • Start immediately on the tasks that are most important at this very moment.
    • Steer clear of unproven products and services, and get recommendations on those that can really help.
    • Be confident that you are aware of everything that you can do to give your project the best shot.

    By optimizing your time spent preparing and being more effective in doing so, you increase your odds of successfully funding.


    The Curriculum

    First Steps

    Campaign Finances
    Project Narrative
    Project Timeline
    Project Feasibility
    Pre-Launch Strategy
    Competitive Research
    Existing Media Assets Collection
    Services Considerations
    Landing Page Development
    Email Marketing Setup
    Social Media Setup
    Customer Development

    Pre-Launch Phase

    Finalizing Campaign Finances
    Media Assets Creation
    Personal Network Outreach
    Facebook Ads Setup & Optimization
    Social Media Activity
    Promotional Content Development
    Landing Page Optimization
    Viral Marketing Strategies
    Video Development
    Crowdfunding Platform Selection
    Campaign Page Content Development
    Rewards Brainstorming
    Early Supporter Engagement
    Live Event Planning
    Additional Promotion Activities
    Launch Day Scenario Development
    Imminent Launch Tasks Sequence

    Live Campaign

    Live Campaign Strategy & Tactics
    Backer Engagement & Management
    Updates Strategy
    Failed Campaign Considerations
    Post-Campaign Plan
    E-commerce Platform Recommendations


    Your Chances of Launch Day Success Are Far Greater If... 

    ...you commit 3-6 months to launch preparation:

    • Month 1: Make a plan, organize all of your material, and get some early feedback.
    • Month 2: Start getting the word out and collect more feedback.
    • Month 3: Polish your project and dial up the promotion and outreach.
    • Months 4-6: Rinse and repeat until you have enough of an audience to be confident in your launch.
    • (These are rough estimates.)

    Wherever you are on your crowdfunding journey, stay as long as you need or just get the specific help you're looking for. Any content that is shared or developed with one member in the program will be available to all members.


    We know you already feel behind, so let's get started!