I'm Tom, I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I'm a huge crowdfunding nerd.

I’ve been consulting for crowdfunding projects since mid-2014, after my first project successfully funded (Makesmith). I’ve since helped many other creators along the way and funded another personal project (Maslow) for a combined personal total of $396,000 crowdfunded.

In working with other project creators, I've found that successful or not, the knowledge I have shared does not spread to help others. I created The Crowdfunding Cohort to make a greater and more scalable impact on those looking to crowdfund their dream projects.


As a DIY crowdfunding veteran I know that there is tons of excellent and free information out there, but it takes time to find, organize, and implement. That is exactly how I prepared for my prior campaigns and still I continue to learn new tricks every day. Using an agency was never an option for me and most creators I talk to are in the same boat. Existing products out there are good, but they’re usually expensive, and when you’re on a tight budget it’s hard to pick which will give you the best return on your investment. Additionally, webinars and typical online classes do not allow you to ask questions and get answers in real-time for things specific to your project.

I designed The Crowdfunding Cohort to be something unique to what's out there - it offers the knowledge of a specialized crowdfunding consultant paired with power of a community of motivated, determined, and like-minded creators. The goal is to go back to the foundation of crowdfunding and help remove the barriers to entry for obtaining funds for your projects by providing structure and timely information to those looking to move their projects forward.

I love learning, discussing, and practicing everything that has to do with crowdfunding and I'm excited to work with more people that are committed to achieving their dreams and just want to get going.