How would you feel if you KNEW how Day 1 of your crowdfunding campaign launch was going to go?

The Crowdfunding Cohort was designed for just that.


If you've been doing your research and planning, these will ring true:

There are tons of articles, videos, and podcasts to go through, but it's hard to tell which offer the best practices.

Agencies and consultant services are way too expensive.

Existing products might not be worth the investment in time or money.

Creating and organizing your own plan isn't quite your thing.

But, you want to get started. Now.


Join "the cohort", where we leverage the crowd to help you prepare for your crowdfunding campaign.

We’re a crowdfunding campaign preparation program that guides members through a structured, open, and ongoing preparation curriculum alongside other do-it-yourself (DIY) project creators. Members participate for as long as they need to ensure they are sufficiently prepared for a successful crowdfunding project launch.

The cohort is facilitated by Tom Beckett, a successful project creator, crowdfunding consultant, and fanatic of all things crowdfunding. He has spent over three years researching, studying, and executing crowdfunding strategies and tactics, which has resulted in him personally raising just shy of $400,000 for his past projects.


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